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And to keep things real and are some pictures of our members at work (or play).  Enjoy!

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Jesse Wagner 

making a splash in the Pysht River

Posted by Rob Johnston

Alan Dupree 

has retired for good (he says) this time.

His last survey was a retracement of a GLO survey done in 1864, near Clallam Bay.


He will be missed at NTI.

Posted by Tom Roorda

GPS Day 3-22-2014

The 2014 GPS on Bench Marks Campaign was a National Surveyors Week (March 16-22) event to raise awareness about professional surveying while improving the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).

The nation’s height system, the North American Datum of 1988 (NAVD88), is founded on historic geodetic leveling surveys on thousands of bench marks that are often difficult and expensive to access. By adding GPS coordinates to these marks, the height system can be modeled in GPS survey systems for easier access.

Members of the North Olympic Chapter of the LSAW participated in the event by occupying first order Bench mark "Carlsborg 1955": 

  • Jeffery P Dugan, PLS, CFedS, Cadastre Editor with the Washington State Department of  Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Richard Angelo, LSIT, Olympic Region LS2 with the (DNR)
  • James Wengler, PLS, CFedS with Wengler Surveying & Mapping


L to R: Jeff Dugan, Rich Angelo, James Wengler
A poster explaining the event was displayed near the monument being observed.
"Carlsborg 1955" looking southerly